How it works


Personal Trainers

Step 1 : Setup Your Trainer Profile: Include a picture, video, testimonials, your packages/rates and more into your profile.

Step 2 : When a client is interested in working with you, you will receive an email from us with with the client lead’s contact information. You’ll be prompted to log-in to your account to confirm and move forward with the lead. We ask that you follow-up with the lead within 72-Hours to setup a free consultation.

Step 3 : The free consultation is your time shine! When client lead is ready to purchase a personal training package with you, just log-in to your account and collect payment using our site. Once payment is collected, 70% will automatically be deposited into your PayPal account and the remainder ( One-Time 30% Referral Fee) ) will go toward Right Fit for You. Remember, this is just a one-time referral fee and then the client is yours and we will never ask for another referral fee for that individual..



Step 1 : Search our personal trainer database at no cost! All of our trainers are hand-screened and confirmed to be currently certified. All you have to do is enter your zip code and browse through the database. We encourage you to read the trainer bio’s and pick the Right Fit For You! It’s FREE to use!

Step 2 : Send your goals and contact information directly from our site to your desired trainer and they’ll get back to you within 72-Hours to setup a FREE consultation.

Step 3 : Tell your friends about Right Fit for You!