Build your community

Instagram is a social media space kind to brands. According to a recent Socialbakers study, the platform gives brands and celebrities up ...
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Motivate and inspire

It’s what unites all health and fitness brands. Your target audiences are committing to a way of life that demands ...
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Be consistent

To build up any brand presence and to attract new followers, consistency is key. This nugget of advice encompasses both ...
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Curate useful content

Rather than just snapping ‘Buff Gary’ on the power rack from different angles, change up your subjects and backgrounds so ...
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Curate beautiful content

Random pictures are almost as bad as stock photography. If you’re out to inspire (and get those membership sign-ups), hire ...
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Be a lifestyle, not a product

Successful fitness brands are never just about a product or activity. Instead, they define themselves as a way of living, ...
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